Why We Should Be Commemorating Nurses on World Health Day


This coming World Health Day, not only should we remember the importance of being conscious about our health and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, we should also be commemorating the healthcare professionals who are always ready to provide medical care and treatment when we need it. One of the most important members of the healthcare system are the nurses. That’s why, nursing is one of the most in-demand jobs in the health industry and healthcare staffing agencies, like us, at Kwensy200, Inc. Nurses are one of the most special professions for a hundred reasons, such as:

They provide care. Whether it’s in a hospital or a home healthcare setting, nurses provide holistic care for the patient. Aside from helping the patient treat and prevent illness and infections, they are the ones assigned to attend the patient’s immediate requests or address and manage the pain of their symptoms. Aside from physical care, they also help the patient emotionally and mentally by providing comfort and guidance when they feel emotionally troubled or anxious about their treatment.

They are the ones who communicate with everyone involved in the care. Aside from the doctor, they are the ones who know the patient’s condition most. Not only do they relay information health information to the physician, nurses also communicate well with the patient and their family members and are able to address all their inquiries in the absence of the doctor. Effective communication between the medical staff and their patients is vital in the healthcare system and in the well-being of the patient.

They help educate people. Most patients, and their family members, have questions and confusions regarding their illness and their treatment plan. It’s the nurse’s duty to educate the patient and address their inquiries. They also teach the patient and their family members on the different procedures and patient care that they do and will continue doing even outside the facility premises. This makes nurses even more than just health providers. In the healthcare system, they also fill the part of a teacher and that’s what makes their role even more special and crucial.

They make the treatment more effective. Without a nurse to constantly supervise the patient and make sure that the patient is following instructions, the treatment plan will not be as effective as desired. In fact, in hospitals where there is a shortage of nursing staff and a poor nurse-to-patient ratio, there is a significantly higher death rate as compared to facilities that are adequately staffed.

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