Oftentimes, we are too busy going about our day that we forget what matters to us most: the people around us. Sure, some of us may be doing stuff for the people we love. However, we miss opportunities, memories, and time together. It is all because we are juggling our job, our life, and all the other responsibilities that do not fit in either of those aforementioned categories.

But did you know that this is because of a disease all of us has? This disease is none other than our tendency to not ask for other people’s help. Why do we experience this? Here are some of the reasons we can all relate to:

  • We think too highly of ourselves.
    There have been times wherein we refused help from others because of our own pride. We always blurt out: “It is okay. I can do this” when it should have been: “Please help me out.” There is nothing wrong with having a sense of pride. However, if this sense of pride makes us take more responsibilities than we can handle, it is time to re-evaluate the whole thing.
  • We are afraid to ask help.
    What about those who know their capacity but failed to ask for help because of their own fears? Those moments are some of the many that should have been avoided in the first place. But what if other people will judge you because you asked a “silly and simple question”? Being dubbed slow is better than completing your task poorly. Always remember that.
  • We are too focused on what we are doing.
    Sometimes, we are too busy looking at things in front of us that we forget to look around and ask help from others. And these moments always end up with us submitting or doing the work with mistakes. If you think you are too hands-on with your work, take a break. You deserve it. Talk to some co-workers, have coffee. All these little things will stop you from not only committing mistakes but also from burning yourself inside out.
  • We do not know where to seek help.
    We do not know everything. So when a situation happens and your work is compromised because of your lack of knowledge where to seek help, it pays to do a little search. We are now at an age when your needed information is just a click away.

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Asking for help is not always a problem. Who knows, maybe this is the solution you have always needed all along?