As a nurse, it can be a challenge to find a job simply due to the competition out there. There are many different nurses trying to get the same position. However, if you want to improve your chances, here are few of the traits that clinics and hospitals are looking for:

  • Experience: Like with most jobs, your experience will play a larger role. The more experience you have, the better chance you will be hired. However, if you do not have much experience, it does not mean you do not have a chance compared to nurses with years of experience. Even though experience is important, there are many other aspects a healthcare facility looks at.
  • Personality: Personality is extremely important in the healthcare industry. They do not only need the skills to help the patients but they also need to be compassionate. Nurses should have a pleasing personality so the patients will feel at ease around them. If you are trying to get hired without much experience but you have the right personality, you will have a bigger chance than someone with plenty of experience but has an attitude that causes problems with others.
  • Skills: You need to be skilled with what you are doing. Treating a patient is something that requires precision and skill. Even with something as simple as taking the patients’ blood requires a certain amount of skill to make the process as painless and easy as possible. This is not an industry where you can easily practice or make mistakes. The lives and the well-being of your patients are in your hands.
  • Initiative: Most facilities value personnel who take the initiative rather than waiting around for orders, or being told what to do. Being proactive and getting your duties done without being specifically told to do so is always a good thing.

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