The World Still Needs More Nurses


There has always been a massive demand for nurses. In fact, nursing was, and still is, one of the most popular college majors globally, especially for younger people who had big plans in migrating to the West as it is undoubtedly one of the most in-demand jobs of the generation. So highly requested of a job that there have been quite a number of healthcare staffing agencies. One of which is our agency, Kwensy200, Inc., supplying hundreds of nurses for each and every healthcare facility, whether it’s a hospital or a home healthcare agency. Being the leading and most reliable healthcare staffing in Great Valley Pkwy. Malvern Pennsylvania, we’ve worked with a network of highly-regarded healthcare facilities who are continually requesting for more staffs, especially in the nursing department. The main reason for this huge demand is the continuous and significant rise of the healthcare industry.

Today, you see hospitals and healthcare agencies established in a particular community one after another. It’s not to say that the huge demand for nurses from randomly established facilities is unnecessary. In fact, the rate of working nurses in a particular community is attributed to the state of health of the said community as well. To support this point, take a look at some of the advantages of overcoming nursing shortage:

Adequate attention to every patient. When there’s an unfair one-to-many nurse-to-patient ratio in a particular hospital or healthcare facility, there is an alarming lack of attention that’s given to every patient, thereby risking their health. It’s not a rare case wherein a patient’s recovery is delayed if they did not get even sicker. That is, inside a healthcare facility due to the lack of medical attention that a skilled nurse, or any kind of nursing there is, should be providing.

More patients are welcomed. Some healthcare agencies decline to take in more patients not only because of the lack of space inside the facility but, in some cases, it’s also due to the lack of nursing staff to attend to their medical needs. The more nurses a healthcare facility has on their roster, the more patients they can welcome for effective treatment.

Less burnout for nurses. If there is an equal, or at least reasonable, nurse-to-patient ratio, there will be a lesser percentage of nurses who feel burnout and stress. Emotional problems and exhaustion affects the performance of a nurse, and thereby potentially jeopardizing the health of the patients they’re attending.

Lesser death rate. According to a study conducted by nursing researchers, there would have been up to 14% lesser in death rate in states with nursing shortages, such as Pennsylvania and New Jersey, if they had a better nursing-to-patient ratio.

Nursing shortage should be properly addressed to prevent the health consequences that will ultimately affect the patients. Whether you’re currently seeking for a nursing job or recruiting for qualified and highly-trained nurses for your facility, find out how we, at Kwensy200, Inc., can help you at

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