When we say nurse, we often think of white women dressed in white, matched with a white nurse’s cap that has a red cross in the middle. But why do we think so? Why can’t we think of black women dressed in a nurse uniform? Why do we not think of men in a nurse uniform? Better yet, why do we all have the perspective that nurses are white and are all women?

Even if those types of images is what immediately comes to mind when thinking about nurses and what they look like, we don’t have to follow that in the workplace. As healthcare institutions, we need to add diversity to our workplace. Why? Here are some good reasons:

  • Because we have diverse patients
    Here in the United States, healthcare institutions should not be picky about their patients. When a person comes to us, we immediately tend to their needs without looking their ethnicity, gender, age, religion, etc.

    If our nurses are as diverse as our patients, would you agree that patients will become more comfortable? Being taken care of by a nurse who has the same skin color as you makes you feel at home. Because of the comfort felt, the patient won’t hesitate to open up and show their vulnerable side.

  • Because it breaks stereotypes
    We are often tired of hearing stereotypes yet we contributed little to none to stopping such shameful act. However, please know that each and every single one of us is a catalyst of change.

    Once patients see that our nursing staff is diverse, they begin to think differently. Kids will learn that it is beautiful to be different and unique. And adults will re-evaluate the meaning of diversity and culture.

  • Because every nurse has the access to equal opportunities
    No matter who you are, what your skin color is, who you believe in, and where you come from, you are always welcome to become a licensed and professional nurse. That is why, at Kwensy200, Inc., we believe that every nurse has an equal chance to be employed.

For all the healthcare staff employers out there, do not hesitate to diversify your workplace. Only then will you get to learn the beauty of having different people from all walks of life work together to meet your company’s goal.

And for nurses who are looking for a shot in the healthcare profession, we are here to help you. Our Healthcare Staffing in Great Valley Pkwy. Malvern Pennsylvania has made a difference to the lives of healthcare employers, as well as the nurses from all over town.

We look forward to having a workplace of diverse people with new and creative ideas to help us grow in our endeavor. So friends, families, employers, and future nurses help us bridge quality healthcare services and professional nurses by going to www.kwensy200.com.