Nursing for Men

4 Promising Medical Careers

Who says it’s only the girls who can take care of ill patients in the hospital? Now that the world is slowly recognizing gender equality, nursing is one of the medical careers that accept any gender. But if you’re a man, what do you have to expect from the nursing world? Here are some facts for you to get by.

Male nurses only make 5-6% of the population among nurses.

The statistical findings of how many male nurses exist can still change from time to time. But the recent findings say that approximately 5% of the nursing population are males. Even if female doctors have filled the hallways and emergency rooms of hospitals, male nurses are still on a low number. But this number is starting to rise, as nurses are needed in the various hospitals and healthcare centers.

Promising career for males in nursing

Most males are turning to the nursing profession as a pre-medicine degree or as a foundation for the respect they want to earn from other people. Nursing is indeed a promising career since it is still required from time to time. Nursing is needed constantly by patients. And males can even use their physical strength and stamina in this profession. Moreover, male nurses are often viewed as caring and nurturing compared to males having other professions.

Nursing lets males realize the value of service.

Men are often viewed as busy people in their suits, making money in their offices and going home tired right after. This is a stereotype. And when males enter the profession of most females, they are either judged or respected. However, when a man becomes a nurse, he gets to realize how important it is to serve other people especially the sick. He will be able to respect children, the elderly, females and fellow males regardless of race and socioeconomic status. Nursing exposes men to the harsh realities of life, making them ready for the worst case scenario always.

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