Medical Recruitment 101: Qualities of a Good Medical Recruitment Agency

Qualities of a Good Medical Recruitment Agency

As a health care provider, we know that it is essential for you to have the right staff with the right training with the right accreditation. Most companies nowadays engage the help of a medical recruiting agency to help scout for medical talents.

The concern now would be how to choose the medical recruiting agency that will bring the right staff to you.

How do you choose? What should you be looking for? Here are a few things that you should consider.

1. Appropriate accreditations and certifications are secured.
Legitimate and reliable healthcare organizations have been certified by the Joint Commission. This government regulatory agency put providers under rigorous inspection to ensure that they employ the highest standards of performance. The regulatory agency checks on the value of service being provided by the health care organization. There also has to be a feedback system from both clients and employees regarding such quality of service.

2. The Recruiting agency performs a complete and thorough credential check.
Performing a full background check on the applicants is a must-do for every recruiting agency. The skills, licensure, educational background and health requirements should always be thoroughly checked to ensure the veracity of the applicant’s claims. Previous work history should also be verified.

3. Continual support to deployed staff should be present by providing them with continued training.
Staff deployed to health care providers should still be followed-up regularly by the recruiting agency. The agency should also allow the staff to undergo an ongoing career development program.

4. A good recruitment agency should always strive to improve the quality of service provided.
Like with any other institution, a good medical recruiting agency should continually evaluate its operations to ensure that it operates to the highest of standards.

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