Know the Career Meant for You. Follow these Methods

Know the Career Meant for You. Follow these Methods

Are you already working? In what industry or field are you in? Are you happy with where you are at this moment?

People, employed or not, often reach to a point where they ask this question, “Is my job right for me?” Although for practicality’s sake, we have to admit that some of us do not have any other option but to enter a certain field, an occupation which makes us happy and fulfilled.

To help you decide which career path you should take, Kwensy200, Inc. posits that you consider these methods:

  1. Discover what you’re good at.
  2. Focus on your personality and skills. Determine which environment you are most comfortable with. Do you like being inside an office with computers in front of you? Do you prefer mingling with other people? Do you feel more content when you help others take care of their bodies and health? You can readily search for possible career paths you can pursue by researching about various jobs on the internet.

  3. Take Tests.
  4. Another way to measure your capabilities is through taking personality or skills-based tests like Myers-Briggs Personality Type test. These tests, which are also readily available in the internet, could help you discover which career types are compatible with your personality. Plus, you can take these tests for free.

  5. Consider your feelings.
  6. Choosing a job is like picking a husband or wife, it is meant to last a lifetime. You would not want to get tied up with a dragging career, would you? So think of which activities you are most happy and energized with. And remember to settle in with where your heart will find this word- passion.

  7. Look for a mentor.
  8. A person who knows a particular profession could give you more realistic and practical insights about a certain occupation. With an expert, you could immediately decipher if you could last at a job or not.

  9. Ask professionals from different fields.
  10. Another effective and easy method of researching about different careers is through asking people who are already in that field. If you have relatives in the field of health care, education, public service or law, go ask them how it feels to be living with such job.
    But if you think that changing career paths is not realistic anymore despite being a bit unhappy with it, try doing these things.

    • Find value in what you do.
    • Look for satisfaction somewhere else – family, friends, or hobbies.
    • Volunteer at work and in your community or neighborhood.
    • Cherish friendships at work.

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