Improving Your Communication Skills in the Field

Improving Your Communication Skills in the Field
As much as we want to say what we mean, we still get lost in translation. Despite our best intentions, misunderstandings, frustration and conflicts still arise once the other person somehow hears something else or something out of the coin.

Communication is supposedly something we do instinctively like breathing and thinking. You can talk to your family and friends without giving much thought on how we should do it or not. And communication also sheds its different skins when it comes to changing environments like whenever you are at work; we try to be more polite.

This is because we want to effectively communicate and this requires “a bit of finesse”—listening with our minds, choosing the right words, getting our message across—is basically the skills we all need to work on and hopefully, get the general idea from this discussion.

Miscommunication lead to arguments at home and having this in the workplace can be far worse and serious. Unmotivated employees and poor productively often lead to communication breakdowns in the office and even lawsuits. Kwensy200, Inc. Healthcare Staffing in Great Valley Pkwy. Malvern Pennsylvania believes that you can improve communication skills for you to effectively connect with others, feel hear and understood, and build respect and trust wherever and whenever.

Remember that communication is more than just the exchange of information. It is about understanding and listening to the emotions and intentions in a two-way street to gain the full meaning of what is being said and what is being meant. A set of skills—engaged listening, nonverbal communication, assertive communication, stress management, and ability to recognize and understand emotions—are needed to fully realize effective communication which might sound a lot to do but not impossible.

Know the Barriers

  • Lack of focus – You can stay focused on avoiding multitasking when communicating with other people. If you are planning to respond or say something to a person, multitasking can only miss you out on the important nonverbal cues in the conversation.
  • Undesirable and inconsistent body language – “Actions speak louder than words”. This may be often true if your mind and words do not agree with each other. It is important to avoid sending the wrong signals such as crossing your arms, tapping your feet or avoiding eye contact. Practice in parallelizing your body language with your mind.
  • Out-of-control emotions – Always calm down before continuing a conversation since being emotionally overwhelmed can most likely lead you to misread other people and send confusing or turning off signals.

Get the Skills

  • Be an attentive listener – Effective communication is primarily focused on more listening and less talking. Listening well can help you understand not only the words or information being communicated but also understanding the emotions being relayed. Listening in an attentive way can make the other person feel understood making the conversation more satisfying and rewarding.
  • Balance your stress levels – As what most experts say, you need to be aware of and in control of yourself especially your emotions. You are more likely to misread other people when you are stressed leading to unhealthy patterns of behavior. The faster you get yourself out from stress, the better you can avoid regrets.For working pressures, it is highly important to manage your emotions like giving yourself some time to think (pausing), explaining in a step-by-step process and make your responses as brief and concise as possible to avoid the risks of losing the listener’s interest. Always project and deliver your words properly and clearly with an even tone and good eye contact. Equally give attention to both your verbal and nonverbal language.
  • Affirm yourself – This is a self-esteem booster tip that can help in decision-making situations. Being affirmative or assertive does not mean being aggressive or demanding. It means being honest and open while expressing your feelings, thoughts, and needs. This shows you are confident at the same time someone how is respecting others. Win the person, not the argument.

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