Having Adequate Nursing Staff to Improve Patient Care


Many registered nurses may be caring for a lot of patients, and this may impact the quality of patient care they can offer. But reducing the number of patients nurses they have to care for may help in improving patient care. An improvement in patient care leads to shorter stays in hospitals and faster recovery time. Also, this can significantly decrease the number of patient deaths. But to achieve this, hospitals and care facilities should have adequate nursing staff. This National Nurses Week, let us discuss the importance of having enough members of your nursing staff.

Is It Worth Cutting the Numbers of Nursing Staff?

For the majority of businesses and care facilities today, money is what motivates them. In medical facilities, the largest clinical subgroup is composed of nursing staff, and management may think that reducing nursing staff numbers is helpful in saving money. However, this can only provide formidable results. Facilities can expect plummeting of patient care quality, unsuccessful patient outcomes, uninviting staff turnovers, and funding loss. All of these will negatively affect their reputation. Also, not having enough crew of nurses in your organization is not good for your nurses, patients, and the bottom line of your facility.

Developing a Good Nursing Environment

In order for a facility to create an adequate nursing staff environment, it should be willing to make sure there are enough registered nurses and support nurses to provide patient care. But apart from patient care, there are other reasons to improve nursing staffing.

Making sure that there’s adequate coverage allows nursing staff to take breaks and leaves without having to work mandatory overtime. In turn, this can result in lower turnover. Also, adequate healthcare staffing in Great Valley Pkwy. Malvern Pennsylvania promotes a safer environment for all people in a facility. If people are distracted and tired, accidents can take place. A facility that does not employ enough numbers of nursing staff runs too many risks for the people who work for it and its patients.

Moreover, aside from having enough registered nurses, care facilities and hospitals must retain a good number of CNAs and LPNs to support the registered nurses. In many cases, a support nurse can perform tasks that a registered nurse may not do. Having support nursing staff in place helps in improving patient care and making the work environment inviting.

A facility that is better staffed has happy employees. If these people are happy, they will be willing to cooperate with each other as a team. Thus, they may cover each other’s shifts when necessary.

Dealing with Staffing Problems

While care facilities and hospitals cannot predict the number of patients they can have in a particular day, they can always turn to Kwensy200, Inc. if their staffing numbers rise. For registered nurses and other nursing staff, our agency can help you comply with guidelines and have better nursing staff. Please call us at 610-340-2820 or visit our website at http://www.kwensy200.com/.

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