Nurse shortage has become a recent break down in the healthcare industry. Increasing geriatric care demands, growing number of retiring nurses, and shrinking population of nursing graduates – these would sum up to a hospital staffing deficit, making HR managers scratch their heads back and forth. We all know this shortage is nobody’s fault. But Kwensy200, Inc. can help you bring back your lost manpower and poor patient care through our Healthcare Staffing in Great Valley Pkwy. Malvern Pennsylvania.

Let’s share to you some efficient recruitment techniques you should utilize for your facility:

  • Have a good healthcare facility culture.

    Sometimes your staffs can become direct resources for a network of potential recruits. Make your current employees love your hospital and their work. Soon, they’ll spread positive anecdotes on how great your hospital is, leading to a wildfire of tittle-tattles. Try to establish an inspiring work culture at your center and you’ll retain your current staffs while recruiting some more. Here are some ideas to help you get started:

    • Appreciate.
      We all want to be valued, and we all know the tough labor nurses get to experience each day. Recognize and appreciate their hard work by staging Nurses’ week.
    • Respite.
      Current nurses will work double time as they try to cope up with staff insufficiencies, resulting to a more stressed staff population with more reasons to retire. Prevent their burnouts by giving them respite. Hire temporary nurses! Patients can benefit from your staff’s break from work, too.
  • Offer more opportunities to grow their professional career.
    Benefits and incentives offered to staffs might be great package deals, but they aren’t everything. Some nurses are willing to work for lesser pay if the institution offers rich opportunities for professional development. Incorporate continuous learning and training for your staffs to help them sharpen and re-sharpen their knowledge and skills. It’s a great way to ensure your facility’s competency and advancement as well.
  • Modify your hiring methods.
    Every HR manager would want to streamline their hiring process to make sure they’ve filtered the right people for the right job. It’s easier said than done, but it’s very possible. You might want to reach out for a reliable healthcare staffing agency. Kwensy200, Inc., one of the leading healthcare staffing agencies in town, will help you handle the tedious hiring process to solve your staff shortage in lesser time. We’ve been in the industry for many years, and our name has become a highly respected registry for healthcare professionals and the primary source for employers to seek help when they are forming their own workforce or when they require supplementary personnel in the event of a staff shortage.

Stay ahead of the staffing curve and call Kwensy200, Inc. today at 610-340-2820.

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