Effects of Short Staffing in Nursing

Our country needs nurses because these individuals are capable of saving lives and promoting a healthy society. Without them, our lives will be more than different.

In a nation that experiences an increase in the population of older adults, there is a decrease in the number of working population. This, in turn, lessens the number of nurses needed to assist these patients.

The law states that in every patient in the operating room, there should be one nurse that takes care of them. One nurse should also be looking after two patients in the following units or sections:

  • Critical care unit
  • Intensive care unit
  • Neonatal care unit
  • Post-anesthesia recovery
  • Labor and delivery

Aside from that, it is expected to have a ratio of one nurse to four patients especially in these special care units:

  • Ante-partum (before delivery)
  • Post-partum (after delivery)
  • Pediatric care
  • Emergency room
  • Other special care units

However, because of our shortage of nurses, most healthcare institutions are unable to meet this requirement.

What are the consequences of a short staffing in nursing? Let us find out.

  • Increased possibility of infectionAccording to the study conducted by Jeannie P. Cimiotti, Linda H. Aiken, Douglas M. Sloane and Evan S. Wu, there is “an association between nurse staffing and health care-associated infection rates, with fewer infections seen in hospitals in which nurses care for fewer patients.”It is only natural for human beings to feel tired in their workplace. Nurses feel this too that is why we feel the need to indicate the ideal nurse-to-patient ratio. IfF you further increase the number of patients, our nurses will not be able to perform properly and effectively.A nurse’s job involves a person’s health and it is the number one rule to consider sanitation at all cost. If a nurse is burned out because of the insane number of patients needed to be taken care of, he or she will most likely overlook sanitation to make up for speed. Once a medical staff neglects sanitation, infection will eventually take place.
  • Patients will less likely survive a heart attackA heart attack is fatal and in order to prevent it, immediate action and needs to be considered. Having a low nursing staff will keep all the nurses busy therefore not minding patients who are suffering from the disease. Another concern is that heart attack occurs silently as no one can predict when and where it happens.,/p>
  • Lower success rate in CPRWhat are the chances of not being able to immediately receive CPR in a healthcare institution filled with all the healthcare professionals you could ever need? One could still perish due to low staffing of nurses.CPR or cardiopulmonary resuscitation is essential in an emergency situation. Like assisting a patient who has experienced a heart attack, patients requiring CPR needs an urgent intervention. Let a moment slip and there is a high probability that the patient’s life will not be saved.

Nurses are responsible for making the tables turn due to the fact that they are the frontlines when it comes to quality health care. They are the ones who bridge the doctors to their patients and are responsible for making recovery fun and less boring.

In order to avoid the unfortunate circumstances that will arise in the lives of your patients and their respective families, you need to equip your healthcare institution with people who are not only good at providing healthcare but also consider the right number of staff.

We admit that looking for these individuals is easier said than done. In your case, Kwensy200, Inc. Healthcare Staffing in Great Valley Pkwy Malvern Pennsylvania is willing to extend a helping hand so that you will realize your goals and help as many patients as possible.

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