4 Reasons Why We Need Men in the Nursing Field

4 Reasons Why We Need Men in the Nursing Field
Here is a situation: You have a performance activity for your Science class. The teacher divides the class into 5 groups. In your group, you have 3 males and 2 females. After settling down to form a circle with your group mates, your group was assigned to demonstrate a hospital scene.

All the members in your group decided to do a scene where a nurse checks the patient’s vital signs. You all agreed on the script and the flow of the presentation. The last thing left to be decided on is who will take the role of the nurse. Who would most likely land the role, one of the 3 males or one of the 2 females?

If you are mirroring the usual trend and expectations of the society, your answer would most likely be one of the 2 females. Why is that so?

In our society, we immediately think of a woman when we hear the word nurse. We think so because we see women as a more competent individual when it comes to giving care to patients.

Kwensy200, Inc. Healthcare Staffing in Great Valley Pkwy Malvern Pennsylvania does not think so. Here are 4 reasons why we need men in the nursing field:

  • They are suitable for the job.
    Women may be seen as more compassionate than men. That is why it just makes sense to leave them the responsibility of doing jobs such as looking after people.But providing care is not just a specialty of women. Men can also give an equal amount of care. Aside from that, they also have the physique and strength to assist people with disabilities. They can be equally sensitive to the needs of the patients just like their female counterpart.
  • The pay is advantageous for them.

    It may be an issue for female employees around the United States of America but gender pay gap does exist. What is this gap? It is defined by www.wgea.gov.au as “the difference between women’s and men’s average weekly full-time equivalent earnings, expressed as a percentage of men’s earnings.”In the U.S., it is evident that men earn more than women given that the annual income of an average female employee is just 78% to 82% of the salary received by male employees even though both have the same position and job. This is also reflective in the nursing field.Though it may be unfair for the female nurses, it is just practical so we encourage men who are still unsure of their future profession to pursue nursing as a career.

  • They have a higher possibility of being in a higher position.
    According to www.nursingtimes.net, men continue to take on a higher position even if their population is just a tenth of the workforce. In their article, they said that “17% of nurse consultants and 18% of nurse managers are male.”
    With that being said, not only are their wages higher than women’s but also succeed more in the field.
  • There will be an inevitable lack of nurses in the future.
    The United States of America is turning into an old population. By the year 2020, there will be more old people aging 65 above than younger ones. This can be positive for our country for the reason that there will be more wise and experienced people here in the country. However, there is a downside.
    Older adults need to be given quality care and for that, they need all the assistance they could get. But how could they receive assistance if there is a lack of younger ones who are capable of caring for them?It is obvious that we need more nurses and we must not rely on the women to fill the numbers.

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