4 Promising Medical Careers

4 Promising Medical Careers

Are you a fresh graduate of a medicine-related bachelor’s degree? We’re sure it took you a lot of sleepless nights to memorize and study about scientific terms. And you didn’t work hard or pay tuition for nothing. You deserve a high-paying medical career. But what are some of the promising careers you can try out or specialize in?

Physical Therapist

With sudden accidents happening and with concerned citizens on their mobility and performance, physical therapists can earn more than expected. Physical therapists can earn up to $82,390 according to Forbes.com. Becoming a physical therapist is a challenging job, but with patience and determination, you can surely make it through.


More and more pharmacies are established every year. People surely need the help of pharmacists in understanding and purchasing their medications and medical equipment. According to Forbes.com, the median salary of pharmacists can reach up to $120,950. This is quite an impressive rate! Although it is difficult to study pharmacy, being a pharmacist to help the masses know about their medicine is more than satisfying.

Medical Technologist

With medical technologists, findings on blood tests and other types of tests are made easier to understand. Medical technologists also draw samples from you from time to time to monitor your sicknesses. Medical technologists can earn up to $47,820, still according to Forbes.com.


Whether you want to become a registered or licensed practical nurse, you still have to consider this profession as an honorable and high-paying one. It is not easy to become a nurse as well. However, clinics, healthcare centers and hospitals are in the constant need for excellent nurses. What’s that we hear? You graduated a degree in nursing? Well, here’s the catch: if you’re looking for a job today, we can surely help you out. Kwensy200 Inc. Healthcare Staffing in Great Valley Pkwy. Malvern Pennsylvania will extend a helping hand when it comes to your job hunting matters. Also, if you are an employer and you’re looking for a qualified and competent employee, you can look for them through Kwensy 200 Inc. Healthcare Staffing! Call us now at 610-340-2820 for more information about our staffing services.

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